About Us

CMF (Centre Medical De La Femme) is a premier provider of Fertility & Healthcare services.
The Whole concept of CMF works around women in order to achieve the most important goals of her life.
Beginning with the wonderful event of giving birth, most precisely to couple who have difficulties and this through its newest and wide range of assisted reproductive technologies including ICSI, IMSI, PGD and Embryo and Sperm Vitrification.

Under the same roof we have also assembled a diverse range of specialties that is shaped around the women varied needs, and dedicated to beauty and Healthcare, From Plastic Surgery, Vascular Treatment, Dermatology, Laser and Slimming Services…

Here at CMF we have the power to put you first and we are committed to be the best in what we do and achieve the best possible outcome for you through our professional and respected team that works together with one goal in mind: What’s right for you.

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