Cryogenic preservation (vitrification)

Embryo vitrification: has been used in IVF for many years and has the great advantage of preserving embryos for future use without the need for another oocyte collection providing additional opportunity for conception. The embryos are frozen at a cryogenic temperature of -196°C and stored at this temperature until it’s needed. The Transfer of these embryos to the uterus will be performed after thawing

Oocyte vitrification: a method used to preserve reproductive potential in women. It used for those diagnosed with cancer and for those who would like to preserve their future ability to have children.

Sperm freezing: person diagnosis with high percentage of DNA fragmentation should freeze the sperm in order to reduce the risk of infertility; as well sperm freezing is requested for those suffering from testicular cancer and varicocele. Sperm freezing methods helps operational procedure to use their sperm when people are abroad

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